Carrie Ahern : Since 2005, choreographer Carrie has used the medium of the body to investigate spaces of taboo. She has a reputation for extensive research combined with an ability to make viewers deeply uncomfortable and comfortable simultaneously.

For her multi year project about modern death (2011-2016) Ahern learned to hunt, butcher and slaughter animals to learn more about the animals we consume and worked as a hospice volunteer. Public projects stemming from that research include: Borrowed Prey -the two part performance, Part I performed in a butcher shop; The Art of Burial -the fantasy burial experience performed throughout the US which she also developed into a TED Talk; Swaddling -the interactive installation swaddling adults; Composing Decay-the workshop taking participants through the process of their own body’s decay; and Pig to Human anatomy comparison—the hands on workshop with a butcher, butchering a pig and comparing the parts to human anatomy.